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Family First

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Family First Prevention Services Act

The Family First Prevention Services Act (FFPSA) has several provisions to enhance support services for families to help children remain at home, reduce the unnecessary use of congregate care, and build the capacity of communities to support children and families.

The law enables states and territories to use funds for prevention services, such as:

  • Evidence-based mental health programs
  • Substance abuse prevention and treatment
  • In-home parent skill-based programs
  • Kinship navigator programs


  • Reform federal child welfare financing streams to provide services to families who are at risk of entering the child welfare system.
  • Prevent children from entering foster care by allowing federal reimbursement for mental health services, substance use treatment, and in-home parenting skills training.
  • Seek to improve the well-being of children already in foster care by incentivizing states to reduce placement of children in congregate care (group homes).


Louisiana’s Vision

Louisiana’s children grow up safe and healthy, nurtured by family and community.

DCFS Goals

  • Move DCFS from a crisis agency to a prevention agency
  • Increased Prevention services delivery  and reduction in foster care placements
  • Increased Quality & Accountability


Foster Care Prevention Services
Vision: To ensure preventive services are available and accessible to families in order to reduce child maltreatment and entry into foster care.
Residential Redesign
Vision: To develop and implement a continuum of services and placement options emphasizing family-based settings; or when necessary, residential treatment settings that are time-limited and trauma-informed.
Vision: The administrative workgroup will be recognized as proactive, results-oriented partners who work in collaboration with the Prevention and Residential Redesign workgroups to offer excellence in operational planning, financial and data management, and federal reporting to support achievement of our statewide goals of family support, prevention and child well-being.